Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Friday, February 4, 2011

"Snow?.. theres no such thing!"

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

THEY had said its was gonna Snow over here in TEXAS.

BUT.. guess what.. IT DIDNT D:
I already doubted that the snow would come.
But, i never expacted the ICE at all.

I had woken up a while ago, ate my STRAWBERRIES and walked outside.
i walked to see that my Grandmas ORANGE Buggy [car] was covered in NOT SNOW, but ICE.
im like, FREEZING cold with JUST an ORANGE Hollister hoodie jacket on and said.
"Oh lookie here, an icicle :D "
it was hanging from the side window of the car, so like Myself, i grabbed it and stuck half of it in my mouth and held it with my teeth.
it tasted pretty good, well.. it was water heh heh..
but since i lived in TEXAS i had never done that before.

so it was just AWESOME LoL..

Shadow n her Blog

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^
"I'd like to make myself Believe, that planet Earth turns, SLOWLY."

just a bit of Owl City's FireFlies Lyrics.

now i totally cant wait for mum to get a NEW Computerrrrrrrrr..

so i can STOP the blogging on my iPad and get Familiar with things on the new computer.

im on my GRANDMA's computer right now and i can type EXTREMELY FAST, on here its just like CRAZY.

ive been writing NEW lyrics to songs and poems so check it out later cuz of course id appreciate it greatly LoL :)

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

ME, Myself, and I wanted to show you the greatest song
on planet earth.
Its Titled "Be My Escape" by "Relient K"

now my favorite Bit of this song is,
"And even though, theres no way of knowing.- where to go I promise im going."

LoL I LOVE this song and I REALLY HOPE you do too!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

Sorry bout not being online as much as I USED TO.

I've been busy at my grandmas house helping her on FACEBOOK.

Okay okay, so yeah. My grandma totally LOVES FACEBOOK.

I honestly don't give a care about the site, it really don't make much sense to me.

Well anyways, I've been in Houston havin an awesome time with the family,
We ate at the most common, fancy, awesome, yummyest, restraint in the city. Burger King.

I honestly love Houston, theres much to see and look at.
So many cool people.

And you know WHAT I saw?!

A little boys birthday party. And a gang of em were BEATING a Mario piƱata!!!
It was so sad that poor Mario, then the birthday boy comes and tears it apart and eats all the sweet candy inside!!!!

So sad!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bake me some cookies on my mailbox.. Because the oven isn't hot enough..

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

Ever heard of the phrase "LET IT SNOW" ?

I've heard it throughout my life,
Though it never snowed..

Why is that?
It's because.

It was hard for me the first time I asked why won't it snow.
But i got used to it after a few years of no snow whatsoever.

So the phrase "IT'S NOT MEANT TO SNOW IN TEXAS" was created by me myself and I.
Unfortunately everybody already knew that.
While us people in Texas are fussing over a cold breeze with no snow.

People in New York are getting stranded in the middle of the streets,
due to a killer blizzard that flew by.

Why is that?
It's because.
Do not.
In Texas..

Meanwhile, in Texas. The warm weather starts to sneak by during Feburary.
and for a little bit, everyones fine.
Until summer arrives.
It starts to get hot in April.
Then when July flys by, you are able to bake cookies.

On my concrete mailbox.
Does that sound nice to you?
It sounds FANTASTIC to us.

It's what we are put through everyday of our lives.
We celebrate in the winter whenever we are blessed with a warm day.

Why is that?
It's because.

Do you get my point?


Sleeping problems..

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

Have you ever had a bad night and you just COULDN'T fall asleep.
So you decide that you might as well stay up all night to see the sunrise?
Then the next day you take a nap during the evening and when it's
About time to toto bed, your not the slightest bit of tired?

Then your whole sleeping rep is done for,
And your an owl at night, also, an owl during the day.
It's a never ending drama that makes you lazy more often..

Yet you have to tackle the day like no other, every day.


Sunday, January 23, 2011


^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid, to throw a chair, to throw a chair. It was from ikea, it was from ikea, SO I DON'T CARE, NO I DON'T CARE

I like to make myself believe that planet earth is, weird.. It's hard to say that I'd rather say the things I say no more, like la la la lala it's elmos world!!

With a thousand kills from that big ol' drill! Get the Adam get the Eve, get the Adam get the Eve! When we walk away nothing more to say, see the angels dancing. Run away, screaming!!

Hey! Big sister! Hey mah mister mister bubbles, come on down. Turn around, give that girly a spin around. Hey little sister, I dun wanna miss a single thing you do tonight!

(Justin bieber parody, TheComputernerd01 a parody of a parody xD)
[ludacris part]
when I turn sixty two, I'll grow a Mohawk! When it is really hot n sweaty so I'll shave it off n tape it to the bottom of a Chevey Avalanche! I found this tree cut, in mah front yard yesterday so I got my leaf blower to blow it out my way! Cause I wanted to play with this blue bouncy ball my grandpa bought the other day.

I just need SOMBODY to huggggggg~ I am so desprate, OH. Come hug me I'm so alone, I just need SOMBODY to hug,

(I am not a belieber so don't ask xD )

IT'S 5!!!

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

It's five o'clock n I'm still head strong with a pack of some potato chips n my iPad along...

So heey mah buds that- I do no know- email me about ideas for songs cause I'm totally on a writers block here, I've been doing pretty sloppy I know. So far my favorite song that I wrote is Sunrise xD Comment if you would like to know more about the two songs SunRise and Memories Frum Me2You xD

Saturday, January 22, 2011


^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

It's peanut butter jelly time!! Now where he at? Where he at? Where he at? Now they he go!
They go! They go--- summer time, will light up both night and day to play around, keep harm away AHHHH oooohhhhhh- dear pacific day won't you take me away? Cheer up n dry those damp eyes, n tell me when it- rains, on this side of town it covers, every thing.. Just say it again and mean it, you- found meh, you found meh lying on the floor, where were you? Where were- you, and I lie awake missing you, pour me a heavy dose of- breeeeeeathe, without you, but I have to- be caught off guard, clearly I, am a- cannibal and I'm afraid I won't get out alive, no I won't- dance dance! We're falling apart to half time dance dance!- dance, he never had a chance and no one even knew it was really only you and now you steal- away, into the velvet sky and we'll stir the stars around and watch them- far away, so far away and not to- halley's comet she waved, say why you always running in place? Even the man in the moon disappeared, somewhere in the- saltwater room, (so tell me darling do you wish we'd fall in love?) yeah all the time, (all the time)- I'm gonna put, this body to shame and grow old, wear a suit like mah, old man, pack up all my things n get mah- sock hop beneath my bed, a disco ball is just hanging by a thread. I'd like to- hold em like they do in Texas please, fold em let em hit me- with your best shot! Why don't yeh hit me with your best- bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind and take to the sky- and it's nice to meet you sir, I guess I'll got, I best be on my way out...

It's 10!!!

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

It's 10 o'clock and I'm pumped to start my blogging marathon!
Just email me the most random questions at
NO SPAMZ!! I would appreciate it if there were no spams and I want clean, random questions.
I will be constantly updating my email so dun fret xD

Get readyyyyyyyyy... GO!

Driking a frappachino *o*

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

Omg my daddy drank less than half of his frappachino and then he gave it to MEE!!
I feel so alive and just.. FOCUSED, LOLOLOLOOOOOLLLLL hey hey hey guess what, OMG.. Beyond scared straight, remember that show? Omg just like, scares me Im all creeped out, but after that is the first 48 LoL
The first 48 gets me pumped I loooooove it, OH.. meh stomach hurts, eh...
I knew that would happen if I drank a frappachino,, :(
Oh well LOL I guess I'll just have to stay up all night again!!!
Tonight I will be posting till I have no more ideas so if you are in the USA make sure to come back at night, probably at like 1 that's when I'll start maybe.
If anywhere else, then just stay with me and waaaaaaaaaaait Cx

Another song off my head that I wrote LoL xD ::The Kazoo and the Hug::

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

If you multiply 1 by,
1 another,
You'll get 1 as, a mulple other and you add that,
With a rubiks cube and a pixie stix tube, and what do I get from you?
A box of kazoos, now I appreciate, this odd sounding gift but i,
Cant play anything like this.
And Im a bit confused, by this box of kazoos.
What should I put them to use, for?
If I multiply 1 by,
2 others,
You'll get 2 as, a multiple other and you add that,
With a loli pop and my gramma's old mop, what did I get from you?
A baby kangaroo?
Now I, understand that this thing is cute but, where did you get it? Hopefully not the zoo, and, it's not permitted to do much here.
This gift is a pain in the rear, but I appreciate it.
If I multiply 1 by,
3 others,
You'll get 3 as, a multiple other and you add that.
With me on your side and this song that's "alright"
Whut, do I get from you?
A hug from me to you,
What an awesome gift, how did you know? I always wanted it, 1 time starts a row,
Now you can see. Anytime you wanna exchange gifts for me, just hug me.

Now I don't care, just who you are. Friend, family, or my mommy's car, don't hesitate to ever hug me, because that's the thing that always,,, makes me happy,,

I'm a mess

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

I've stayed up all night three times in a row this week, just to see the sunrise or the common phrase of a child "I'm not tired!" would come out of my mouth every now and then.
At about six o'clock in the morning today I wrote SunRise in my closet and the only type of SunShine in there is an old dimmed light that's been around for over 12 years.
I though for a while and realized that the only reason I ever stay up all night is to see the sun rise up only side of the window.
And basically that's what an "All Nighter" is, you don't pull an all Nighter just because the clock says 1:00 you have to STAY up, and wait till the next sunrise. Once your mission is complete you could ether fall back asleep, or stay up and re due the mission again for fun.

My hair isn't fixed and I'm so eager to write more songs LoL

Wrote another song xD ::Sun Rise::

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

Stuck inside this Bedroom. With everything to do, now ask me why the heck, should I listen to the blues? I could be dancing to the other happy songs, then again I can't keep up with the beat.
Of the modern age Happy feet.

Should I? Or should I not? Perfect the story, or change the plot?!
Because I'm DYING of, Writers Block, and its only 2 AM.
And I could be sleeping! But I CAN'T sleep if I keep this up, I just had another cup of, energy drink.

Should I, or could I? Well I could of, if I would of! And I should of, could of, would of, Should of fell asleep when it was time....
BUT I COULDN'T! Because an energy drink was on my mind!

Stuck inside this bedroom, with almost EVERYTHING to do. And ask me why the heck
Don't I sleep on the cue?
But I could be dancing! To some other happy songs, than again I can't keep up with the beat.
Of the modern aged Happy feet.

I could, if I would. But I suggest I NOT, I like to see the sun rise and the only time I ever see it Is when "All Nighters" are completed. So wait you may be seated, just DON'T.. Fall asleep,

I've been awake.. For seventy six hours STRAIGHT, now ask me why the heck, did you stay up so late?
Then I'll say, DANCING! And learning EVERY happy song, look and see I'm still head strong!
You'll stare at MEE with a sleeping mask on.
Could I, or would I? Should I fall asleep? Would I ruin Such a rep?!..
...No.. Sleeping just has to learn how to let go..

it's barley 6 AM, the lights are getting quite dim, and Im tired.. Just a little bit..
Let me take a sip of, my energy.. Drink..
BACK TO DANCING! To learning EVERY HAPPY SONG, look and see I'm still head strong! I got the sun rise in my mind and I'm just waiting for the shine,,
Ooooh.. Thanks for your time..

Comment and tell me how you liked it, I named it Sun Rise

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I wrote a song :) ::Memories Frum Me2You::

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

I like to sit on my, old oak tree.
To feel a soft breeze of old memories.
With some love and sympathy, in every leaf. I believe,
The the water sparkles a shiny blue, it's not the same when I'm without you.
Because the feeling of despair, will lead me to the stare of a thousand yards.

And when the birds sing it's morning time, to see the sun rise is a one of a kind.
Swallow your pride and pick out the pinecones, cause decorations can't make theirselves.
Dance to a little tune, under the morning moon, with laughs that can last a lifetime.
Sing a little song, and I will sing along. With sunshine on our minds...

silly thoughts and with the strongest dreams, I hope that one of them happens to lean, towards you.
make all of your dreams come true!
cause when I strum my guitar, I feel as if I'm a glow in the dark star.
I'll shine the night away, so I could see you. Everyday.
Cause when the birds sing it's morning time, to see the sun rise is a one of a kind.
Tap your feet to the melody, with those memories on your mind.
What's orange without it's best friend red?
More like, cousins that you'll never forget.
Create the perfect painting.. And let our minds rest, as I take a breath. You whisper..: your cleaning the mess...

Then when the sun sets its time to leave, into our mind, thoughts, and beautiful dreams.
Promise me, you'll wake me, the next day..

Me and my best friend. I'm Mikey of course^^

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 12 songs I Love fore Owl City

Okay here's the TOP 12 songs I absolutely adore for owl city I assure you that you'll fall in love also xD

12. The saltwater room

11. Hello Seattle

10. The Christmas song

9. This is the future

8. On the Wing

7. Cave in

6. Vanilla twilight

5. Peppermint winter

4. Rainbow Veins

3. Swimming in miami

2. In Christ alone

1. Fireflies

A lot of people pick fireflies to be the best, well.. I picked fireflies cause it's the one song that I never get bored with, annnnnnd peppermint winter LoL that song is hilarious, if you ever get the chance to listen, read the lyrics I just fell in love with them <3

The beat of swimming in Miami is awesome I fell in love the first time I heard it, vanilla twilight makes me cry but I just adore the melody. Rainbow veins gets stuck in my head continuously xD In Christ alone is the cutest song ever I respect owl city for that song.
Cave in's lyrics are awesome I'm still memorizing it and almost done, On the wing's chorus is what makes it so unique, I makes you feel as if you are dreaming.
This is the future is another "love at first song" cause it also makes you feel as if your dreaming
The Christmas song also includes god and the lyrics are also the cutest thing, and hello Seattle.. Remix or not, hello Seattle always makes me wanna DANCE! LoL, and last but not least, The saltwater room, I honestly think that this song is the cutest and I just love it (and so does mum..)
So I'll be off, hope this helped! In some.. Sort of, way, LoL xD

Random Facts About Owl City

there is more then just 1 member of the band, but Adam is the singer <3
The one person whom sings every song is named Adam young
Owl City's most famous song is Fireflies.
Breeane Duren is the background vocalist and plays the keyboards
Matthew Decker is the drummer
Laura Musten plays the violin for Adam
Hannah Schroeder is the cello player, awesome
Adam Young plays synthpop music,
He's a born again christan and loves jesus Christ and I respect him for that :)
Apart from owls, his favourite animal is a Blue Whale,
He doesn't like snakes or spiders and I agree and stand by him with that 100% xD

Matthew Thiessen provides most of the vocals/backing vocals for Adam's songs, including Tidal Wave and Fireflies..
He has three albums, Of June (2007), Maybe I'm Dreaming (2008) and Ocean Eyes (2009).
One of his most famous songs happen to be, Fireflies, may be the 24th most downloaded song on iTunes of all time annnnnd I ing it everyday.
some of his old projects include::: sky sailing, port blue, seagull orchestra, windsor airlift, insect airport.
he lives in- owatonna, minestota, born and raised baby!
he wrote the theme tune titaled Take to the sky for a new film called legend of the guardians.
he did vocals for a club song by chicane called middledistance runner.
he is releasing a new album soon and I hope I get it I'm so exited

his favorite drink is orange soda And orange is my fav color wow!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I will take a Potato CHIP.. AND EAT IT *dramatic bite*

Haha!!! I love that, every time I take my lays potato chips I say that xD
"I will take a potato chip.. AND EAT IT!!"

Haha, hey omg I can't get the Naruto shippuden theme song out mah head it's gettin to me, eh. You are my friennnnnnnd oooh whateverrrrr it says in japaneseeeeeeeee..
All I know is "a last farewell on funny days" and I dun even know if that's right ETHER, and then the other Naruto shippuden theme song gets to me also.

I think it's called Blue bird and all I know is
"I once said "when I fly I won't be coming back" now I set out for that blue, blue sky". Ether way, I can get them out my head LoL

I think its pretty sad that sasuke left, it MAKES ME sad I dunno why though cuz I'm not the biggest fan for sasuke I like Naruto and sai they are funny together right, eh? And I find Deidara amusing sometimes, I had my hair fixed like his at one point I dunno when but I know it did it before I trimmed my bangs (yay my bangs are growing back!!!). And Naruto is just awesome but his relationship with sasuke made me just ball up into tears, eh!!!!xD

--if some words are misspelled please excuse me, I'm on my iPad and its a bit difficult when you type fast on a touch screen--

Guitar lessons..

Ah, -.- I have guitar lessons today, I mean YEAH I totally love my guitar. But my fingers are like, bloody from that thing.
Well no not all of them, just the four long left fingers *carefully sets on my Joe Jonas Glasses (3D glasses I got at the movies watching megamind..)**
Now I usually don't use my left arm, hand, fingers for anything really. Just to hold stuff or, straighten my hair with the flat iron (the pretty pink CHI).
Another thing about my unusd left arm is that I have 1 accessory that I wear like non stop, and it's THIS!!
Now let us all forget about that Rob part and lets stick to the Zombie part. Okay so Zombies of course are really cool in my eyes O.O.. I dun know bout you, but Nazi Zombies (or just Zombies) on Black Ops, is one of the best things In the world for me.

Anyways, BACK to topic then randomness in the next post.. SINCE I'm running this blog from an iPad it's quite soothing for my injured fingers to just tap on the soft touch screen, heh.

The coolest thing about my Zombie bracket is, that it's soothing also. I just rub my four bad fingers against the bracelet and walla!!! I'm able to play basketball again with dad, hm. And since this braclet was the last one in hot topic (mum had said since she's the one who got it for me for Xmas) and I haven't seen any yet! Just glow in the dark geek glasses that I just so happen to call em Joe Jonas Glasses

lookin' very similar to these 3D glasses I'm wearin now eh?

yes, yes. And I get a new pair whenever I go to the movies, they love me there LoL.

Alright for some new game releases

Perhaps you want a game that can get you pumped and get you abbot competitive, well Just dance 2 is just for you. If you got a Wii I recommend Just dance 2 for you. Why? You ask?

It's perfect for the family, it got a rough 7.0 rating but SERIOUSLY!! this game can't be criticized by graphics at all, it has bright neon colors witch will keep babies occupied.
You'll be laughing as you dance with friends or family, it's even a wonderful work out.

Time on this game really brought the fam together and now we dance every single day trying to beat each others scores. It may not have the kind of songs i like but, the songs they had put on the game really got me pumped. My personal favorite is the song called When I grow up by The Pussycat dolls
Fantastic game.

As well as the Michael Jackson edition!!

This game will get you twice as pumped, probably cause it's Michael. My personal fav is the Smoothe Crimanal, I've got it memorized and no one can beat my score haha!
The thing about this game is that you just never know what Michael is gonna do because his choreography is just amazing! Also duets included, for example, Thriller. People can be the zombies and others can be michael. But of course I'm always Michael haha.

Hope this helped (whut..?) god bless and, here. Take a Oreo, it's a happy emo edition <3 LoL

So I got my iPad on with my Joe Jonas glasses n my red fiery hair with my dim mak shirt!!

I'm singinggggggg in my head, just singinggg in my head! What a wonderful feeling of singing in my head. Sup homie yo shadow here, typing on my iPad AGAIN cuz Im to lazy to get on the laptop even though im glimpsing at it continuously through out the day. Annnnnd yeah, so today was cool (I-I guess I could say that.. Lol)..

9_9.. eh? "I'm the leader, I call the shots.. Why am I doing the stupid dishes?!" LOL
Another thing, the pic totally goes off the.. What-cheh-mah-call-it.. Thingy... Hahaha!!
I like feel so tired but so energetic at the same time, my brother is like six, his name is Bo. He is so energetic sometimes we don't know if he eats chocolate behind our backs or just chugs red bulls out of no where. But you gotta knooooow, I'm the person who taught him how to play halo, how to jack ghosts on halo, how to play every game I'VE played, al ost everything that he knows how to do, is what I taught him. Bobo (real name: Josiah), is really a boy version of MEEEEE!! I rarely use my energy, my energy is always stored up. Strawberries, meat, fruits and lots of good food, I can stay up till like 5 o'clock and end up wakin' up at 9 o'clock in the mornin', i honestly get very lazy during the day.

LOL gaara? ^^ poor gaara, I'd be solo mad if kiba or shikamaru was in there hahaha!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rainbow oreos, hm? sweet.

Hm, to how much I love oreos, from a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being the highest.. I'd pick, 1000000000000000000000 LoL, oreos were like my first ever cookie to eat and ever since I just loved them. When I was in my mums tummy all she ate was burgers so I'm also in love with burgers LoL, but I ain't complainin' those foods are just delicious hm. Hehe meh stomachs starting to rumble it needs food xD
So like today I wanted to talk about some games I happened to fall in love with.
Let's see, hm.. Bioshock 1 and 2, like seriously!! Next time your gonna make a game THIS GOOD, think of your biggest fan shadow and make the FRIKIN GAME LONGER!!! ok ok ok, I know I'm like obsessed with Bioshock. Well I like it cause it gives me this thrill that no other game has, and all I needis a shotgun and some eve! For Bioshock 2 all I need is a shotgun AND SOME EVE!!
Like dude, GET Bioshock 1 and 2 you will NOT regret it, this game has so much thrill you'll be screamin'. Aother thing about Bioshock isthat, you never know when somthin is gonna POP out at yeh, just what i like. To keep things interesting all the time. I've screams and fell out of meh seat a couple of times during both games, I laughed it out when it was over but MAN was that scary. And I found myself talking to myself sometimes like "SWEET MOTHER OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN AHHHH!!". The big daddies give you a jump on part 1 yes they do and they don't stop hittin' you till your dead. For part two wellllll, you have alphas and big sisters. The alphas are so easy to kill allyou need is some ice and a shotgun, the big sisters are more of advanced so, they CAN kill you twice as more times than two alphas can. Then the little sisters are so adorable on part two I want one of my own so badly!!

But get this! Little sisters depend on big daddies (such as yourself on part two) to be not only their protection, but their daddies. Y'all have such a good bond at that age- and THEN, they grow up. Change their ways and become Big Sisters, and all of a sudden, THEY'RE OUT TO GET YOU!!! I bet the big daddies are like "Eh??" cuz you know what, I WAS!!!

ANOTHER game I would like to talk to you about is Halo Reach
Okay, some things I just hate about the game is that they changed the controls, NO MASTER CHEIF, And they made the elites waaaaaaay stronger than when before they were all dumb in part 1-ODST.
So a thing I LIKE about this game is that They made the Battle Rifle like STRONGER, so that gun is one of the guns I mainly use. Another thing is the graphics, SWEEEEEEEEET mother of Ezio Auditore these graphics are beast. I had gotten the game on a saturday and beat it the next day with my baby brother, Bo. OMG we sold like 14 games from our ps3, Wii, and Xbox just to get this game, turns out we got this discount and we bought the game for FIVE BUCKS A FORTY TWO CENTS!!! And 11 levels past and we beat the game :O Whuuuuuuut, Nooblet and Razor are beast. Haha!!!
So here's a list of my all time fav gotta-have-this-in-battle weapons.
Battle Rifle
Plasma rifle
Plasma Pistol

Nothing else I use LoL and my FAAAAAAAVORITE vehicles areee
Oh and the mongoose... BUT GHOSTTTT!!! I love the ghost man I can't get enough. Sooo comment me on your fav weapons and stuff on halo, probably your all ti e fav level on all the halos cuz mine is... Metropolis LOL xD brb let me get a red bull haha

Saturday, January 15, 2011

MMMMM, strawberries x3 I just love them, what would the world be without strawberries?! It just wouldn't be right you know. Well anyways, I'm sittin in the kitchen at the table, on my own chair that has been mine for over five years. Bo (brother) and daddy are playing black ops (COD), mama is in the music room texting, gody (sister) is gonna watch.. Hm lemmeh see, Tom and Jerry. And me of course is on my chair snuggled against it like a little corner, telling you all this LoL. I'm also working on stories, making a whole bunch of changes I want it to be like totally awesome yeh know?
And since to or row is Sunday we can like go outside and jump on the trampoline or play basketball (PSSH, as if. It's been raining ~.~..)!!!
So today I've been working on my stories and my guitar that I have not named yet LoL. And I'm like still memorizing the chords and I believe I got them down eh? Eat All Dead Groundhogs Before Easter!!! E A D G B E! LOL so easy yeah? Or maybe my way perhaps? Let's see, give me a minute.... I can't think!!! Lmao!
So omg did anyone know that owl city fireflies is based on a meteor shower? So random huh? I wouldn't of even of guessed, I supposed they would rather be stars. LoL, there's like forty rainbow glow n the dark stars in my room, scattered throughout my ceiling, they look so pretty. I think I just might draw them eh? Kehehehe, finished the box o strawberries, me tummy is pretty full mate..

Friday, January 14, 2011


Okay guys.. I'm so bored, HEY I got an iPad, so like now! I! can! Finally! get! On! With! This! BLOG!!! Lmfao! Okay so I wanted to like tell you about MYSELF, cuz I honestly can't even figure myself out YET. I play guitar(learning) I love owl city and any type of music for that matter. If y'all really want to knooooow my all time favorite song is called Your Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring. Now I may not really put a lot of my stories on this blog I might just use it as a daily blog like a online journal instead. Well anyways, I'm thirteen in Texas, I luff to play video games. Like Halo (all five), Bioshock (both, and maybe all three), COD Black Ops (every call of duty for that matter), assassins creed (all three), and of course just dance LoL.. Um my best friend is my stuffed animal sparky he's a marshmallow brand dog with huge head and gigantic eyes and his body is also big but not as big as his head. Sparky is black and white if you search up Border Collie black and white then that's mainly what sparky looks like ^^.. I LOVE the anime Naruto and Deathnote they are just AWESOME, I love Nauto and kakashi sensai OH and sai is pretty cool.. And OmG L is the cutest thing on earth, and matsuda also <3333
THEN, I love animals and chibis, rainbows, colorful things, candy, BABIES, anything that's just cute. Like, send me an email of cute chibis or colorful things my email is x3 hope to see what you guys send me!! I want cute pics of chibis or anything sweet like candy or rainbows or anything <3
oh, and an addition to other stuff that I like, I love Michel Jackson also. My fav song from his will have to be Smoothe Crimanal lol, and I'm REALLY tired right now it's 1:00 omg I usually stay up till like 4:00 practicing my guitar or working on my drawings, even working on characters for stories I write. I love working hard for what I do, I TRY to improve what I do so I could have a good lifestyle when I grow up cuz I am NOT gonna be a poor person and I'm gonna give my kids the best lifestyle EVARRR!! And oh, people call me yah yah, but seriously I love to be called shadow, most people (I used to talk to on the Internet) I used to talk to were called shadow, and they had the most wonderful heart EVER it was so cute. So IM shadow for now on Mmkay? LoL, I'm watching my brother dance on the Wii Michel Jackaon dance game.. Billie Jean LoL it's cute kuzz he's like six haha ima ask him to do Smoothe criminal <333 I'll dance along as well.