Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

MMMMM, strawberries x3 I just love them, what would the world be without strawberries?! It just wouldn't be right you know. Well anyways, I'm sittin in the kitchen at the table, on my own chair that has been mine for over five years. Bo (brother) and daddy are playing black ops (COD), mama is in the music room texting, gody (sister) is gonna watch.. Hm lemmeh see, Tom and Jerry. And me of course is on my chair snuggled against it like a little corner, telling you all this LoL. I'm also working on stories, making a whole bunch of changes I want it to be like totally awesome yeh know?
And since to or row is Sunday we can like go outside and jump on the trampoline or play basketball (PSSH, as if. It's been raining ~.~..)!!!
So today I've been working on my stories and my guitar that I have not named yet LoL. And I'm like still memorizing the chords and I believe I got them down eh? Eat All Dead Groundhogs Before Easter!!! E A D G B E! LOL so easy yeah? Or maybe my way perhaps? Let's see, give me a minute.... I can't think!!! Lmao!
So omg did anyone know that owl city fireflies is based on a meteor shower? So random huh? I wouldn't of even of guessed, I supposed they would rather be stars. LoL, there's like forty rainbow glow n the dark stars in my room, scattered throughout my ceiling, they look so pretty. I think I just might draw them eh? Kehehehe, finished the box o strawberries, me tummy is pretty full mate..

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