Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Friday, February 4, 2011

"Snow?.. theres no such thing!"

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

THEY had said its was gonna Snow over here in TEXAS.

BUT.. guess what.. IT DIDNT D:
I already doubted that the snow would come.
But, i never expacted the ICE at all.

I had woken up a while ago, ate my STRAWBERRIES and walked outside.
i walked to see that my Grandmas ORANGE Buggy [car] was covered in NOT SNOW, but ICE.
im like, FREEZING cold with JUST an ORANGE Hollister hoodie jacket on and said.
"Oh lookie here, an icicle :D "
it was hanging from the side window of the car, so like Myself, i grabbed it and stuck half of it in my mouth and held it with my teeth.
it tasted pretty good, well.. it was water heh heh..
but since i lived in TEXAS i had never done that before.

so it was just AWESOME LoL..

Shadow n her Blog

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^
"I'd like to make myself Believe, that planet Earth turns, SLOWLY."

just a bit of Owl City's FireFlies Lyrics.

now i totally cant wait for mum to get a NEW Computerrrrrrrrr..

so i can STOP the blogging on my iPad and get Familiar with things on the new computer.

im on my GRANDMA's computer right now and i can type EXTREMELY FAST, on here its just like CRAZY.

ive been writing NEW lyrics to songs and poems so check it out later cuz of course id appreciate it greatly LoL :)

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

ME, Myself, and I wanted to show you the greatest song
on planet earth.
Its Titled "Be My Escape" by "Relient K"

now my favorite Bit of this song is,
"And even though, theres no way of knowing.- where to go I promise im going."

LoL I LOVE this song and I REALLY HOPE you do too!!!