Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

More about this person named shadow.


I don't like to share my name much so I'm just going to name myself for a while until I get a bit comfortable. My name is Shadow Lee Sharp and I'm thirteen years old, daydreaming is one of my hobbies and I sometimes write songs just for the fun of it. My vocabulary is still dull but I assure you it will build up as soon as possible. My favorite color is a color that a lot of people I know, hate, that color is Orange. I really don't know what the deal is with those people but orange is an awesome color, it brings out the rainbow for peats sake this color is beast!
Anyways, my favorite snack are oreos and I assume you might know that LoL, I draw anime like dogs so whenever mum gets the camera fixed or ready or.. Whenever mum buys the camera I'll show yeh xD
I made a little scheduale, at exactly 3:05 am or pm it is automatically.. PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! now, yes.. I made this up, no one else has. 305 is my favorite 3-digit number and my favorite vid on youtube is that dancin' banana with the peanut butter jelly time song playing.

I guess you can call me the hyper type, I never really show it though. Red bulls don't make me hyper at all, although I know that monsters do. Anyways every time I walk out of the dentist I always walk with my grandma to the nearest corner store to get a red bull. Sort of weird, eh?
I'll be sure to update this blog as soon as I finish perfecting a drawing of a new dog character,i named him gordy haha! XD