Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rainbow oreos, hm? sweet.

Hm, to how much I love oreos, from a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being the highest.. I'd pick, 1000000000000000000000 LoL, oreos were like my first ever cookie to eat and ever since I just loved them. When I was in my mums tummy all she ate was burgers so I'm also in love with burgers LoL, but I ain't complainin' those foods are just delicious hm. Hehe meh stomachs starting to rumble it needs food xD
So like today I wanted to talk about some games I happened to fall in love with.
Let's see, hm.. Bioshock 1 and 2, like seriously!! Next time your gonna make a game THIS GOOD, think of your biggest fan shadow and make the FRIKIN GAME LONGER!!! ok ok ok, I know I'm like obsessed with Bioshock. Well I like it cause it gives me this thrill that no other game has, and all I needis a shotgun and some eve! For Bioshock 2 all I need is a shotgun AND SOME EVE!!
Like dude, GET Bioshock 1 and 2 you will NOT regret it, this game has so much thrill you'll be screamin'. Aother thing about Bioshock isthat, you never know when somthin is gonna POP out at yeh, just what i like. To keep things interesting all the time. I've screams and fell out of meh seat a couple of times during both games, I laughed it out when it was over but MAN was that scary. And I found myself talking to myself sometimes like "SWEET MOTHER OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN AHHHH!!". The big daddies give you a jump on part 1 yes they do and they don't stop hittin' you till your dead. For part two wellllll, you have alphas and big sisters. The alphas are so easy to kill allyou need is some ice and a shotgun, the big sisters are more of advanced so, they CAN kill you twice as more times than two alphas can. Then the little sisters are so adorable on part two I want one of my own so badly!!

But get this! Little sisters depend on big daddies (such as yourself on part two) to be not only their protection, but their daddies. Y'all have such a good bond at that age- and THEN, they grow up. Change their ways and become Big Sisters, and all of a sudden, THEY'RE OUT TO GET YOU!!! I bet the big daddies are like "Eh??" cuz you know what, I WAS!!!

ANOTHER game I would like to talk to you about is Halo Reach
Okay, some things I just hate about the game is that they changed the controls, NO MASTER CHEIF, And they made the elites waaaaaaay stronger than when before they were all dumb in part 1-ODST.
So a thing I LIKE about this game is that They made the Battle Rifle like STRONGER, so that gun is one of the guns I mainly use. Another thing is the graphics, SWEEEEEEEEET mother of Ezio Auditore these graphics are beast. I had gotten the game on a saturday and beat it the next day with my baby brother, Bo. OMG we sold like 14 games from our ps3, Wii, and Xbox just to get this game, turns out we got this discount and we bought the game for FIVE BUCKS A FORTY TWO CENTS!!! And 11 levels past and we beat the game :O Whuuuuuuut, Nooblet and Razor are beast. Haha!!!
So here's a list of my all time fav gotta-have-this-in-battle weapons.
Battle Rifle
Plasma rifle
Plasma Pistol

Nothing else I use LoL and my FAAAAAAAVORITE vehicles areee
Oh and the mongoose... BUT GHOSTTTT!!! I love the ghost man I can't get enough. Sooo comment me on your fav weapons and stuff on halo, probably your all ti e fav level on all the halos cuz mine is... Metropolis LOL xD brb let me get a red bull haha

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