Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I wrote a song :) ::Memories Frum Me2You::

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

I like to sit on my, old oak tree.
To feel a soft breeze of old memories.
With some love and sympathy, in every leaf. I believe,
The the water sparkles a shiny blue, it's not the same when I'm without you.
Because the feeling of despair, will lead me to the stare of a thousand yards.

And when the birds sing it's morning time, to see the sun rise is a one of a kind.
Swallow your pride and pick out the pinecones, cause decorations can't make theirselves.
Dance to a little tune, under the morning moon, with laughs that can last a lifetime.
Sing a little song, and I will sing along. With sunshine on our minds...

silly thoughts and with the strongest dreams, I hope that one of them happens to lean, towards you.
make all of your dreams come true!
cause when I strum my guitar, I feel as if I'm a glow in the dark star.
I'll shine the night away, so I could see you. Everyday.
Cause when the birds sing it's morning time, to see the sun rise is a one of a kind.
Tap your feet to the melody, with those memories on your mind.
What's orange without it's best friend red?
More like, cousins that you'll never forget.
Create the perfect painting.. And let our minds rest, as I take a breath. You whisper..: your cleaning the mess...

Then when the sun sets its time to leave, into our mind, thoughts, and beautiful dreams.
Promise me, you'll wake me, the next day..

Me and my best friend. I'm Mikey of course^^

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