Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 12 songs I Love fore Owl City

Okay here's the TOP 12 songs I absolutely adore for owl city I assure you that you'll fall in love also xD

12. The saltwater room

11. Hello Seattle

10. The Christmas song

9. This is the future

8. On the Wing

7. Cave in

6. Vanilla twilight

5. Peppermint winter

4. Rainbow Veins

3. Swimming in miami

2. In Christ alone

1. Fireflies

A lot of people pick fireflies to be the best, well.. I picked fireflies cause it's the one song that I never get bored with, annnnnnd peppermint winter LoL that song is hilarious, if you ever get the chance to listen, read the lyrics I just fell in love with them <3

The beat of swimming in Miami is awesome I fell in love the first time I heard it, vanilla twilight makes me cry but I just adore the melody. Rainbow veins gets stuck in my head continuously xD In Christ alone is the cutest song ever I respect owl city for that song.
Cave in's lyrics are awesome I'm still memorizing it and almost done, On the wing's chorus is what makes it so unique, I makes you feel as if you are dreaming.
This is the future is another "love at first song" cause it also makes you feel as if your dreaming
The Christmas song also includes god and the lyrics are also the cutest thing, and hello Seattle.. Remix or not, hello Seattle always makes me wanna DANCE! LoL, and last but not least, The saltwater room, I honestly think that this song is the cutest and I just love it (and so does mum..)
So I'll be off, hope this helped! In some.. Sort of, way, LoL xD

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