Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Monday, January 17, 2011

Alright for some new game releases

Perhaps you want a game that can get you pumped and get you abbot competitive, well Just dance 2 is just for you. If you got a Wii I recommend Just dance 2 for you. Why? You ask?

It's perfect for the family, it got a rough 7.0 rating but SERIOUSLY!! this game can't be criticized by graphics at all, it has bright neon colors witch will keep babies occupied.
You'll be laughing as you dance with friends or family, it's even a wonderful work out.

Time on this game really brought the fam together and now we dance every single day trying to beat each others scores. It may not have the kind of songs i like but, the songs they had put on the game really got me pumped. My personal favorite is the song called When I grow up by The Pussycat dolls
Fantastic game.

As well as the Michael Jackson edition!!

This game will get you twice as pumped, probably cause it's Michael. My personal fav is the Smoothe Crimanal, I've got it memorized and no one can beat my score haha!
The thing about this game is that you just never know what Michael is gonna do because his choreography is just amazing! Also duets included, for example, Thriller. People can be the zombies and others can be michael. But of course I'm always Michael haha.

Hope this helped (whut..?) god bless and, here. Take a Oreo, it's a happy emo edition <3 LoL

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