Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Monday, January 17, 2011

I will take a Potato CHIP.. AND EAT IT *dramatic bite*

Haha!!! I love that, every time I take my lays potato chips I say that xD
"I will take a potato chip.. AND EAT IT!!"

Haha, hey omg I can't get the Naruto shippuden theme song out mah head it's gettin to me, eh. You are my friennnnnnnd oooh whateverrrrr it says in japaneseeeeeeeee..
All I know is "a last farewell on funny days" and I dun even know if that's right ETHER, and then the other Naruto shippuden theme song gets to me also.

I think it's called Blue bird and all I know is
"I once said "when I fly I won't be coming back" now I set out for that blue, blue sky". Ether way, I can get them out my head LoL

I think its pretty sad that sasuke left, it MAKES ME sad I dunno why though cuz I'm not the biggest fan for sasuke I like Naruto and sai they are funny together right, eh? And I find Deidara amusing sometimes, I had my hair fixed like his at one point I dunno when but I know it did it before I trimmed my bangs (yay my bangs are growing back!!!). And Naruto is just awesome but his relationship with sasuke made me just ball up into tears, eh!!!!xD

--if some words are misspelled please excuse me, I'm on my iPad and its a bit difficult when you type fast on a touch screen--

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