Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Facts About Owl City

there is more then just 1 member of the band, but Adam is the singer <3
The one person whom sings every song is named Adam young
Owl City's most famous song is Fireflies.
Breeane Duren is the background vocalist and plays the keyboards
Matthew Decker is the drummer
Laura Musten plays the violin for Adam
Hannah Schroeder is the cello player, awesome
Adam Young plays synthpop music,
He's a born again christan and loves jesus Christ and I respect him for that :)
Apart from owls, his favourite animal is a Blue Whale,
He doesn't like snakes or spiders and I agree and stand by him with that 100% xD

Matthew Thiessen provides most of the vocals/backing vocals for Adam's songs, including Tidal Wave and Fireflies..
He has three albums, Of June (2007), Maybe I'm Dreaming (2008) and Ocean Eyes (2009).
One of his most famous songs happen to be, Fireflies, may be the 24th most downloaded song on iTunes of all time annnnnd I ing it everyday.
some of his old projects include::: sky sailing, port blue, seagull orchestra, windsor airlift, insect airport.
he lives in- owatonna, minestota, born and raised baby!
he wrote the theme tune titaled Take to the sky for a new film called legend of the guardians.
he did vocals for a club song by chicane called middledistance runner.
he is releasing a new album soon and I hope I get it I'm so exited

his favorite drink is orange soda And orange is my fav color wow!!

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