Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Friday, January 14, 2011


Okay guys.. I'm so bored, HEY I got an iPad, so like now! I! can! Finally! get! On! With! This! BLOG!!! Lmfao! Okay so I wanted to like tell you about MYSELF, cuz I honestly can't even figure myself out YET. I play guitar(learning) I love owl city and any type of music for that matter. If y'all really want to knooooow my all time favorite song is called Your Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring. Now I may not really put a lot of my stories on this blog I might just use it as a daily blog like a online journal instead. Well anyways, I'm thirteen in Texas, I luff to play video games. Like Halo (all five), Bioshock (both, and maybe all three), COD Black Ops (every call of duty for that matter), assassins creed (all three), and of course just dance LoL.. Um my best friend is my stuffed animal sparky he's a marshmallow brand dog with huge head and gigantic eyes and his body is also big but not as big as his head. Sparky is black and white if you search up Border Collie black and white then that's mainly what sparky looks like ^^.. I LOVE the anime Naruto and Deathnote they are just AWESOME, I love Nauto and kakashi sensai OH and sai is pretty cool.. And OmG L is the cutest thing on earth, and matsuda also <3333
THEN, I love animals and chibis, rainbows, colorful things, candy, BABIES, anything that's just cute. Like, send me an email of cute chibis or colorful things my email is x3 hope to see what you guys send me!! I want cute pics of chibis or anything sweet like candy or rainbows or anything <3
oh, and an addition to other stuff that I like, I love Michel Jackson also. My fav song from his will have to be Smoothe Crimanal lol, and I'm REALLY tired right now it's 1:00 omg I usually stay up till like 4:00 practicing my guitar or working on my drawings, even working on characters for stories I write. I love working hard for what I do, I TRY to improve what I do so I could have a good lifestyle when I grow up cuz I am NOT gonna be a poor person and I'm gonna give my kids the best lifestyle EVARRR!! And oh, people call me yah yah, but seriously I love to be called shadow, most people (I used to talk to on the Internet) I used to talk to were called shadow, and they had the most wonderful heart EVER it was so cute. So IM shadow for now on Mmkay? LoL, I'm watching my brother dance on the Wii Michel Jackaon dance game.. Billie Jean LoL it's cute kuzz he's like six haha ima ask him to do Smoothe criminal <333 I'll dance along as well.

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