Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrote another song xD ::Sun Rise::

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

Stuck inside this Bedroom. With everything to do, now ask me why the heck, should I listen to the blues? I could be dancing to the other happy songs, then again I can't keep up with the beat.
Of the modern age Happy feet.

Should I? Or should I not? Perfect the story, or change the plot?!
Because I'm DYING of, Writers Block, and its only 2 AM.
And I could be sleeping! But I CAN'T sleep if I keep this up, I just had another cup of, energy drink.

Should I, or could I? Well I could of, if I would of! And I should of, could of, would of, Should of fell asleep when it was time....
BUT I COULDN'T! Because an energy drink was on my mind!

Stuck inside this bedroom, with almost EVERYTHING to do. And ask me why the heck
Don't I sleep on the cue?
But I could be dancing! To some other happy songs, than again I can't keep up with the beat.
Of the modern aged Happy feet.

I could, if I would. But I suggest I NOT, I like to see the sun rise and the only time I ever see it Is when "All Nighters" are completed. So wait you may be seated, just DON'T.. Fall asleep,

I've been awake.. For seventy six hours STRAIGHT, now ask me why the heck, did you stay up so late?
Then I'll say, DANCING! And learning EVERY happy song, look and see I'm still head strong!
You'll stare at MEE with a sleeping mask on.
Could I, or would I? Should I fall asleep? Would I ruin Such a rep?!..
...No.. Sleeping just has to learn how to let go..

it's barley 6 AM, the lights are getting quite dim, and Im tired.. Just a little bit..
Let me take a sip of, my energy.. Drink..
BACK TO DANCING! To learning EVERY HAPPY SONG, look and see I'm still head strong! I got the sun rise in my mind and I'm just waiting for the shine,,
Ooooh.. Thanks for your time..

Comment and tell me how you liked it, I named it Sun Rise

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