Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Monday, January 31, 2011

^_^ Shadow Lee Sharp ^_^

Sorry bout not being online as much as I USED TO.

I've been busy at my grandmas house helping her on FACEBOOK.

Okay okay, so yeah. My grandma totally LOVES FACEBOOK.

I honestly don't give a care about the site, it really don't make much sense to me.

Well anyways, I've been in Houston havin an awesome time with the family,
We ate at the most common, fancy, awesome, yummyest, restraint in the city. Burger King.

I honestly love Houston, theres much to see and look at.
So many cool people.

And you know WHAT I saw?!

A little boys birthday party. And a gang of em were BEATING a Mario piƱata!!!
It was so sad that poor Mario, then the birthday boy comes and tears it apart and eats all the sweet candy inside!!!!

So sad!!!

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