Um, your late for tea..

Um, your late for tea..

Monday, January 17, 2011

Guitar lessons..

Ah, -.- I have guitar lessons today, I mean YEAH I totally love my guitar. But my fingers are like, bloody from that thing.
Well no not all of them, just the four long left fingers *carefully sets on my Joe Jonas Glasses (3D glasses I got at the movies watching megamind..)**
Now I usually don't use my left arm, hand, fingers for anything really. Just to hold stuff or, straighten my hair with the flat iron (the pretty pink CHI).
Another thing about my unusd left arm is that I have 1 accessory that I wear like non stop, and it's THIS!!
Now let us all forget about that Rob part and lets stick to the Zombie part. Okay so Zombies of course are really cool in my eyes O.O.. I dun know bout you, but Nazi Zombies (or just Zombies) on Black Ops, is one of the best things In the world for me.

Anyways, BACK to topic then randomness in the next post.. SINCE I'm running this blog from an iPad it's quite soothing for my injured fingers to just tap on the soft touch screen, heh.

The coolest thing about my Zombie bracket is, that it's soothing also. I just rub my four bad fingers against the bracelet and walla!!! I'm able to play basketball again with dad, hm. And since this braclet was the last one in hot topic (mum had said since she's the one who got it for me for Xmas) and I haven't seen any yet! Just glow in the dark geek glasses that I just so happen to call em Joe Jonas Glasses

lookin' very similar to these 3D glasses I'm wearin now eh?

yes, yes. And I get a new pair whenever I go to the movies, they love me there LoL.

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